A wristwatch is what we call “micro engineering” : inside this object, which gives us the precise time day after day, we can find its “engine” and its main components like the “transmission” or the “escapement”.

The analogy is now clear: it would probably not occur to you not to perform service on your car because it works great at the moment. Thereby, to ensure that it remains reliable and in perfect running order, it is appropriate to service a mechanical watch approximately every 4 to 5 years.

We also pay particular attention to the presentation of watches. Thus, we do all of the polishing work by ourselves, carefully respecting the materials and the kind of watch we are working on and of course complying with the client specific requests.

All the watches we offer are serviced / in perfect working order and in mint condition.

We also offer these kind of services to take care of watches from your personal collection : we invite you to submit any request regarding the service of your watches. We are also at your service if you are looking for specific parts or accessories.